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Daily Dialogue #8

It’s been a momentous 5 days.  On Saturday, I had the divine grace to hear Adyashanthi.  There’s a vibrant lifer.  The man appeared to glow from within.  I kept looking at the lights to see if it was focus lighting or some such madness. 

He started off the discourse commenting about struggle.  Why struggle?  How the more you struggle, that which you struggle for eludes you even more.  I was listening, drinking it all in, struggling all the while to see him :{  My view was blocked by a guy with a bald spot.  Craning my neck every which way, until I finally closed my eyes and listened without distraction. 

Another beautiful reveleation : Be Still is not a command.  It actually means Be Aware of the Stillness.  I feel like a little spot has been cleaned and the light is shining through.

Story: The samurai attack and decimate a Japanese village.  All the villagers run away.  Only a Zen monk is left.  He’s meditating in his temple.  A warrior finds him there unperturbed at the advance of the killing band and roars at him, his sword held high, “Do you know I can take your life with a sweep of my arm, without a second thought?!”   The monk with infinite calm – “Do you know that I can let you?”  That is the quiet courage that comes with acceptance of what is.  The warrior proceeds to bring his sword down with a fierce yell.  The monk says quietly : “Hell”.  The warrior puzzled, stops and drops the sword arm.  The monk says : “Heaven”.  This last part I don’t understand.

A man got up to ask a question.  He said “My dad passed away recently”.  And Adyashanti’s response really startled me, in a good way.  He said, “Oh, did he?!  Bless his soul!  How old was he?”.  No expression of regret, no sorrow.  The man could have said the dad had gone out for icecream.  The response had the same joy, curiosity – I am struggling to define, but it’s etched in my memory.  How completely different and how awesomely appropriate!

Feb 20 at Palo Alto.  Request to Grace to make it there.


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Pema Chodron

I first heard about Pema Chodron from JKZ and then there was Seth Godin’s recommendation about her book that made me go out and buy the audio tape version.  True to form, I sat on it for ages and then finally put it on a CD to play.  The first CD, I was not such a big fan.  The car doesn’t allow me to forward within the cd, there’s only one track, so some sections I had to listen over and over again, but slowly I got into it.  Towards the middle of the first tape, it becomes pretty interesting, but I can’t remember anything of what was on the CD.  I think it was a shared experience about the mind straying away during meditation.  Every moment that you caught yourself and told yourself to let go, you were living in the moment!  You are completely present in that moment.  The other completely exhilarating practice I learnt was the Tonglen meditation.  Completely eye-opening!!

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www.flylady.net.  Guided to this site by Gretchen Rubin.  I spent the first week scoffing, who can clean the sink?  Must be for SAH.  People not as busy as I am.  Until I read what FLYing meant.  Finally loving yourself.  Now that was something I couldn’t dismiss.  And so after a few more this can’t be for me whines, I went to work on the sink.  Couldn’t do the bleach thing,  the water saver feature in my psyche can’t be turned off, I got into FLYing.  Then overdid it and crashed, now picking up stray pieces to put together again.

This amazing woman helps thousands every single day, from her thoughtful and simple messages to her website with just enough information that you don’t get overwhelmed.  The main message is Love, Love to your self, your family, your community.  And it is true, you get love when you show love.  Gentle exhortations to bless others with your clutter.  I’ve managed to donate things I was sitting on in the hopes of using some mythical day.  Endlessly kind.  And all for free.  Imagine the joy of being able to touch so many lives positively and perhaps like Usha says, since it is a service to her fellow people, the energy to carry on doesn’t diminish.

The FlyLady icon is so cutesy and the writing is liberally sprinkled with lol and other cuteisms.  I recall being aghast when she said she was reading “Debbie Macomber”!!!  How can I take advice from a person who reads Debbie Macomber?!  But you know what, why am I even getting into judging her choice of reading? If I’m blessed with a bit of her spirit and love, the multiplying effect will be stupendous.   I’ve started using the word Bless and Love more often in my thoughts.  Thank you, FlyLady!!  I do love you and am so happy I crossed your orbit!!

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Vibrant lifers

I was talking to Smt JV a few weeks ago.  She was kind enough to make some time for me past 9 pm.  One part of the conversation went thus:

JV:  What’s the point of surrounding yourself with a lot of people and going to each other’s place for dinner?
Me : But mami, you feel like you are a part of a community when you hang out with other people
JV : But that’s a false feeling.  Every such meeting comes with its own obligation and then you’ll have to return the favour, you don’t particularly like being there, causes problems with your husband.  Instead of fragmenting yourself, live a vibrant life!

It got me thinking about the people I’ve come to know of  this year who I believe fit the vibrant life motto.

Smt Jayashree Varadarajan : She’s a guiding light.  Every day is a demonstration of what it means to live vibrantly.  I’m so envious of her adult students!!

Gretchen Rubin : DH pointed me in her direction.  The stunning thing is, I only log on to her blog once in a while.  But she’s been the source of the rest of the list below, hence she’s at the top of the lifer list!  What a marvelous concept – the Happiness Project!  Her generosity amazes me.  I think I’m connected to almost everyone else in the vibrant lifer list via her blog.

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