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Note to Ramit : Dude, your site leaves me feeling lost!!  You are the only PF site I visit, so it’s close to medicinal, but seriously, lost!!  I picked one of your all time favorite posts to read today – http://www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com/blog/why-your-friends-dont-save-money-eat-healthier-or-clean-their-garages/ or http://www.getrichslowly.org/blog/2009/03/17/the-psychology-of-passive-barriers-why-your-friends-dont-save-money-eat-healthier-or-clean-their-garages/.  Yep, Yep.  Really buy into the passive barrier theory and so following your exhortation, my 10 things I would do if I were perfect:

1. Understand my personal finances

2. Call all the old people

3. Practice kathak

4. Be an adventurous cook

5. Not nag my kids

6. Have a more active social life

7.  Take vacations to landmarks

8.  Keep a Clean house

9.  Be a size 6 with no hanging tummy

10.  Have a beautiful yard.

Hmm,  this was actually hard to do.  I got up to #6, and then had to really look hard for more.  Does that mean I consider myself near-perfect!!! or I’m having a mental block regarding perfection behaviours?  Likely the latter.  Hmm.  Need to do the 5 whys for each of these.


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