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My Perforce page

My info store for P4 tips/tricks:

  • Removing old checkouts
    Delete the clientspec : p4 client -fd <clientname>.  This will delete the checkout records and the clientspec
    If deleting clientspec is not an option:
    p4 client offendingClient
    Delete the host setting
    mkdir the folder which contains the checked out files you want to revert
    p4 -u user -c client revert -k …
  • Find changes between since particular cl
    p4 -c $ENV{P4CLIENT} changes //$ENV{P4CLIENT}/…\@$havecl,$latestChangelist
  • Can’t edit binary file locked by another’s checkout?
    Check out your binary file as shown below
    p4 edit -t binary version.sql
    -t binary option will allow you to check-out binary file even it is locked. After your modification, you can check it back in without any issues.  Thank you, Siddesh BG!
  • Find leaf directories :
    p4 files //… | xargs dirname | uniq
    Thank you, Stephen Vance.  So elegant!

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