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I have a What’s Fun for me topic.  It’s also of value to track what’s NOT FUN, so that I don’t get suckered into doing it again.  Here goes the list:

* Yosemite

Anything involving LONG HIKES with no rest at the destination – you have to turn around and walk right back!!  How is this fun to anyone?  Yes, the view was amazing, but imho, not enough roi.

* Rivers

I adore beaches and oceans, but I don’t seem to have the same mesmerization with rivers.  I should watch this one.


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What’s FUN for me?

I’m in the month of May in Gretchen Rubin’s book and her resolution for the month is having FUN.  So she’s trying to find what’s fun for her and that got me thinking – what is fun for me?  I can’t think of anything!!!  Or I have to work really hard to find what is fun for me.  Gretchen has her children’s literature, and she says she loves didactic chi-lit, my turn-off 😦  So what’s fun for me?  Reading has always been fun, but not so much lately.  My taste in books is undergoing a big change, so what was fun is no longer so.  I don’t know that I’ll like romance novels for much longer, but let’s make a list that’s true for now:

* Good romance novels
* Beaches
* Spanish lessons

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