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Authentic Self

The Dig:

* Pointilism paintings – I remember the painting I saw in the Citibank office when I was at Nucleus.  I didn’t know it was pointilism then.  Then Georges Seurat’s Eiffel Tower, where I learned the style was called Pointilism.

* My first Asterix book, Amar Chitra Kathas in that persons house who was a relative of my Chitti.

* Little shoots from rice grains tossed on the yard.  The beautiful fresh green, enthusiastic shooting through the brown soil, so sweet!

The House: You have a house, completely unfurnished, money and time are no object.  What will you put in there?

* Yellow Daffodils

* Swing

* A sun room, with a cozy window bench looking out into the green yard, perfect for curling up

The Dig #2:  What did you love about each of the places you’ve lived in to now:

* Little John way – The bones of the house, the wisteria covered front, the back yard


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