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DD – 2/28/2017

I miss my POTUS.  Today was Twitler’s first address to the nation.  I used to tune in to POTUS’s speeches not for policy, but for the eloquence.  The beauty in the words and the musicality in his address.  I can’t even bear to hear this guy’s voice.  How could people dislike POTUS and be enamored of this guy?  The brain falls apart to imagine people could have actually voted for him.  How can you trust a guy who lost $900m?  Who boasted that he didn’t pay any federal taxes?  I still recall the clip where he stood with a water bottle, sprayed it around, mocking Rubio.  How can anyone respect the man?

There’s hyperventilating in the media when one of the Rs speak up.  It was McCain a couple of weeks ago.  Oh look! The man who was mocked earlier is now unleashing his vitriol.  Oh how great!  All the breathlessness of people expecting a catfight.  Like in Bridget Jones’ Diary where the guy runs into the restaurant and with suppressed glee announces fight!  And then 42 says mildly, oh, I don’t like racism – and the crowd goes wild again.  Should the response not be, what took you so long, mister?  Or, really, this is all you got?

All around the country, Jewish community centers and schools are getting threats about bombs in the building.  What horror!  People are being evacuated, police coming in and sweeping the place.  A few weeks ago, Netanyahu declared Twitler was a friend of Jews.  And no further statement from Israel on these threats, today Twitler says these threats are to make him look bad.  Children in kindergarten are asked to march out of their classrooms holding each other’s hand.  Receptionists are in tears – fear, anger, helplessness – on receiving the phone call and Twitler can think only of how this reflects on him?  See first paragraph.  How?!  If it is on this wide a scale, we should have answers or leads by now, no?  But WaPo and NyTimes have little coverage on this.  It should be wall-to-wall, no?  Why is it not?!

I was thinking about how important it was for me to work at a job I believed in.  That my daily 8+ hours netted into a positive contribution to the world.  I heard about this ballot measure for SF – set the new bar closing times to 5am instead of the current 2am.  The reasoning for – people who come out to dine after a movie or theater need a drink with their dinner.  A woman was parrotting these lines.  ok, too sleepy to continue


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