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Honestly, do these guys have to change the interface each week?!!

Not sure what’s going on with me, but 3 days meditation, 3 days of at least 5 minutes of movement.  Another small habit in the works – fruit each day.  Now if I can get the writing in, it would be super.

So I asked teacher JV to take me on as a student and to my utter surprise, she said yes.  At least I think she did.  I wrote her a note that had a beautiful phrase – to understand the composer and composition so as to orient myself to the truth that moved them – I’m sure that came from a true desire, it’s not possible for me to throw such words together.  I’m worried though.  It’s going to be hard! But Bhagavan said go for it, so am leaving it to him.  Kathak is still my love – though how it can be after all the disappointment I’ve gotten from it, I don’t know.  I find myself dancing away at odd times, yet, I just threw out the binder in which I’d painstakingly broken down the natwari tihais.  Oh well, it will resolve itself.  But today, I pulled out my Taal Mala and did tatkar for 8 minutes after which my shins seized up enough that I had to call it quits.


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