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Back again, Try #2 at a 40 day practice.

Binge watching GOT, it is a terrible timesuck.  But I’m so curious – what does one episode cost to make?  The castles, the people, the horses, blood and the cgi for the dragons, it boggles the mind whenever I see the credits and the number of people listed in it, knowing full well this is only a small portion of all those who worked on thsi effort.  They showed how they constructed the bear pit and that’s just insane, the amount of effort they put into a 2 minute scene.  What do they get out of this?  How can this be a money making enterprise?

One of my most favorite characters in GOT is a dwarf.  He has incredible diction and great lines too.  His happy walk is quite charming and I know I’ll never be bored with him onscreen.  Everytime I see him, I think he should be one of the luckiest men on this planet.  To have this role of a lifetime at the exact time when your acting is at the peak and to find a book that features dwarfs – really, his cup runneth over.


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Binge watching GOT, but got so much ironing done.  I feel like I’m swapping my head voices for George Martin’s head voices, How can that be any good if the intent is to not have voices at all?  3 lines and so sleepy.  bah!

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Watched an episode of GOT.  I’d sworn off that series after seeing the first episode, but it is addictive.  Where did they find midgets and how did they even get into acting school? I keep assuming one has to look halfway decent, but I keep getting proved wrong on a regular basis.

So sleepy, no time for reflection.

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I voted, for all the fat lot of good it did.  Living in CA, it’s hard to understand other states and their electorate.  How could you elect Thom Tillis over Kay Hagan, Rick Scott, Scott Walker?  How could you give the keys to the Republicans?  Do not their words and actions frighten you for your own self – few of us are in the 1%.  Such a deeply disappointing day, control of the Senate is now with the Republicans too.  Are we going to see more gender/race baiting, ignorant and dangerous statements from the Senate too?  Is it going to be repeal and impeachment and corporate people?  Revolting

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Hey! Look ma!  Breaking the every other day pattern!

Daylight savings time is over and I’m in that lovely state of, ah, it’s still early.  Thus the checking in during the day.  Couple more days and then it will be same old, scramble to the finish line.

Can’t sleep.  I went to bed around 1:30, racing mind for what felt like hours.  First I took off my pants because I thought I’d be warm, then I was cold, put them back on, later still, I took them off again.  If it were DH, I’d have ripped into him for all the movement.

What was I doing till 1:30?  Watched How to get away with Murder, intrigued enough by their conceit to keep coming back, but would not spare a thought if I couldn’t see it again.  Still trying to figure out Viola Davis hype.  I thought it was super brave – removing all makeup including wig on screen to show her raw self.  Someone needs to get her a better bag, the fat thing she carries around does her no favours.  Then Black-ish which I want to like, but descending into more and more silliness.  Do the writers sit around and go, Oh Halloween, how can I fit in all the trite and suck all spontaneity out of the 30 minutes I’m responsible for?  Same with Mofy, barf worthy episode.  Then I saw Gotham.  Gory, but interesting.  The DA kid reminds me of  Edward Norton, I was hoping he’d slid into TV land too.

Sadness – Tom of Tom and Ray is gone.  RIP, friend.  You brought laughter to so many and you were so lucky to have your brother as your best friend.  Farewell.

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Technically 11/03 as it’s 20 minutes into this day, but on the curve.

So DS turned 21.  Took him to the temple in the am.  OMG – what’s with the worry about the weather?  Had to coax the kid into the temple and aarti.  ??!!  Went to see Babaji, but that’s a story for another day.

My house is driving me crazy!  There’s a dead mouse? rat? small animal in the vents in the swami room.  That was slowly stinking up the swami room, I finally tracked it to the vents.  DH ran the heat this am, that must have made it worse (or I like to have a blame point), now I smell it everywhere.  We can’t even do the same thing as we did when the animal died outside – let it finish the soil cycle.  Who will I find?!!

The heat is turning on automatically in the back of the house.  Why?  It can’t be hard to replace the thermostat, but who can do it?

The damn dishwasher!!  It’s got to be replaced.

The kitchen granite has to be regrouted and resealed.

And finally, I keep dinging my car.  This time, I rode over a branch on the road and the bumper is torn up,  Why does this car hate me?

Past all this, I didn’t get to do put a dent in any of the clothes piles this weekend.  Just a spanking start to the week.

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Maybe this should be an every other day practice instead of a 40 day stretch.  Husband is going to demand I go to bed soon, so I’ll probably get a couple of lines in.  DS is turning 21 tomorrow.  I have no gift for him – I have no idea what he wants.  What would be a completely indulgent gift?  I know what it would be for me, but blanking out on him.  I can’t believe it’s been 21 years (so trite!).  Sometimes it feels like forever,I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have kids.  It’s not like DH and I spent a lot of time by ourselves and it wasn’t particularly happy either.  I don’t think we made a good couple, hmm.

I was going to remark on something, but it’s out of my head.  Good night!

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