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DD #529

Another of my Babaji dreams.  We are in an open space, looks like farmland, Babaji is on his seat, but no table in front of him.  I do namaskaram to him and he leans over and places his hand on my bowed head. I’m surprised and as I get up, his hand is still on my head and he’s saying something.  I can’t hear and I scoot further in to make it easy on him so that he doesn’t have to lean forward so much.  I only remember hearing this – I’m not doing this as a favor to you – he said a bunch of other sentences, this is the only one I heard/remember.

I woke up with the dream clear in my head and promptly dismiss it as wishful thinking.  The next time I see Babaji, I ask him what are dreams, are they wishful thinking or does it have any substance?  He read the question through and then smiled like “Ah! I know why you are asking this question”.  And he responds saying it is a combination of desire, story and truth.  So I told him my dream and asked him what it means.  He read it and said, “There’s some truth in it”.  I said “Really?!”  Babaji gave a small nod and a smile and turned away.

Question is – why was I so dismissive of a dream blessing when it applied to me?


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Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things.  Lord, I am Martha.  Being a Mary would be as alien for me as walking on water.  Now what do I do?  Are you telling me making lists and multi-tasking is wrong?  To me, Mary is the grasshopper, I’m the long suffering ant.  And you are saying Mary has chosen the good part which will not be taken from her?!  What about me, Lord?  Just point out to me where I am wrong in my logic.

I heard this beautiful song, Karpuram Narumo, on musicindiaonline.  Sanjay Subramaniyan.  I was captivated by the song, and searched the interwebs for the raga and landed on this site that had the lyrics and the meaning (http://kasturis.lazyreader.com/book/export/html/347).  This is a verse from Nachiyar Thirumozhi.  And all I can think of is +1.  Here goes:

Karpuram Narumo, Kamalappu Narumo

Is it the fragrance of camphor, or perhaps the lotus?

Thiruppavala chevvai than, thitthithinikkumo

Those coral red, beautiful mouth, would it be sweetly delicious?

Maruposita Madhavan tan vaichuvaiyum nattramum

That Madhavan who vanquished the elephant, the taste of his mouth and his fragrance

virupputru ketkinren sollai azhi ven sanghe

I ask because I’d dearly love to know, please tell me, white conch who came from the ocean

ulladu sollil ulagalandan vayamudam

For food, you have the nectar from his mouth

Kanpadai kollal kadalvannan kai thalate

For resting, you have the palm of the ocean colored one’s hand

Pennpadaiyar unmel perumpusal satruginrar

Leagues of women throw accusations at you

Pann pala seyginrai Panchajanniyane

You are doing us wrong, Panchajanya


Nachiyar – you have set me off on my latest obsession, I can’t stop thinking about this poem, your love for the Lord.  To be envious of the sanghu, oh my love, you know what it feels like to yearn.  Would we have been friends?  I don’t think so, I can see myself roll my eyes when you’d talk about your love, but in this verse, we are sakhis.  Forget the conch, would you tell me?  I dearly want to know.  I can’t have yet another thing to wonder about that I have no way of knowing for sure.  How would your telling me ease that thirst? I want to know for myself.  I also wonder, can men have this relationship with Krishna?  Is it one of the advantages of being a woman that you can actually indulge in Sringara rasa?

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