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DD# 527

This past Wednesday, Adya was speaking on Radio Adyashanthi.  I had Neeta’s Yoga class that day and I couldn’t decide what to do – go listen to Adya/go to Neeta.  Burkin’s Ass!  I asked Bhagavan what to do (with the paper toss).  He said Neeta.  So I only got to hear Adya for a few minutes and they were powerful.  Here’s a quote from a Zen teacher he shared – When sitting in meditation, sit as though you are about to die.  Then you rely on nothing and no-one.

But how do I know what it is to die?  I can sit as though I am a rock, as though I am a tree, but how do I sit as though I am going to die?  What do I know of that state?  I guess I could contemplate what it would mean to sit as though I were about to die.  This and the comment about have the courage to drop everything you’ve learnt and begin with what you know – gosh, I know in my heart that that is the right way.  Yet, I’m unable to give up what I believe are keys to the fast track for wisdom.  I don’t believe in the chakras, I don’t believe in pran, actually I believe that looking for these will distract me from my quest of merging in the One.  But that’s my guidance from Babaji.  And I was placed in this path with this mahatma.  So I asked him, “Babaji – can one question a guru?”  Babaji, “Sure, if you know the answers”.  Me: “But I don’t know the answers”.  Babaji : Shrugs and signs to say Then?  I take it to mean “Then don’t question”.  Here’s the real q – can you continue practicing with doubt in your mind?  What is my doubt?  That I’m wasting my time with the practice taught by my Guru, that I should be focusing on inquiry instead.  There – I’ve said it.


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DD #526

Oh, I should record my recent dream. This happened a few weeks ago. I was in a large room, sitting in front of Babaji. It’s not in the MMC room, but some other large room similar to it. Chandru was sitting kitty corner to me, typing away on his cell phone. As is my habit, I try to fix him – “Chandru, put that thing down. You are with Babaji, you should be paying attention here, not in that thing”. Babaji looks at me and says something. There’s noise in the room, like the trundling of carts, I can’t hear him. I shake my head to show I don’t understand and he says it again. Again there’s an even louder noise and I can’t hear at all. I tell him Babaji, there’s a lot of noise right now, I can’t hear what you are saying. He sort of purses his lips and looks away. The noise finally ceases and he looks at me, not kindly, more like stern. He says, “How many things have I told you that you have followed?” I go in my head, “Shucks!” and tell him, “Sorry Babaji, not much”. He says, “Then why do you keep telling him what to do? Leave him be!” And the dream dissolved. I didn’t remember it until the next am when I was telling Bhagavan he didn’t show up in my dream when this memory came up and I just went Gulp!

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