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DD #512

Adya spoke yesterday in Santa Cruz.  I didn’t go.  I chose to be present for Meera’s concert (and as usual – the good deed was punished, that was one torturous hour, during which I geve many thanks for Jayashree Mami).  I do believe it was the right choice – showing support to your friends/family during their important events is mandatory.  But I question if the choice was easier to make because I’m getting so frustrated with all the “spiritual talk”.  I have the answers, I have the questions.  The experience is as far away as at any other time.  Too sleepy!


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DD #511

I found out the back story about POTUS’ 4 more years photo – he and flotus met up after a while after being on different campaign trails.  Am so curious – does potus really not like to campaign like some of the stories say?  Seems amazing that a guy who has acheived all that any campaigner would like to acheive would not actually like the path that gets him to the goal.  Repeat to self – anything you attribute to Potus can’t be fully true, nor can it be fully false.  I don’t know that my faith in people would survive if he turned out to have feet of clay.  Am actually worried about how much faith I have in him.  Talking about clay feet – Gen Petraeus.  When I first heard the breaking news that he was quitting over an extra marital affair, my first thought was not Idiot or exasperation, it was more of huh?  Have I reached the point where infidelity is not a deal breaker anymore?  I still cringe for Hilary Clinton and the other wives who had to stand at the spouse’s side when they “apologized” to the nation.  In this case, I just couldn’t understand why he had to step down and honestly (naively :S) thought it was remorse.  It turns out it is just as seamy as every other infidelity story, another clay footed idiot.  Why is it so hard to keep it zipped?

On another political note – Rachel Maddow.  Everytime I see her, I think, yes, more of this please.  Intelligence, erudition – what’s not to like?  Except – this tendency to get to the point in 10 sentences when two would do.  The other 8 are repetitive and SO annoying.  Oh please, let some focus group tell her so and make her cut it out!

Here’s a curiosity – I have been posting only about politics for the past week.  It’s obvious where my attention is going…

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DD 510

It’s supposed to be a daily dialog, intermittent daily dialog, I guess in this case.

Hey – interesting week.  Barack Obama is President again.  After all the caterwauling about Citizens United, and all the obscene amounts of money flowing in from big money, it didn’t put the big money candidate in the Oval Office.  Does that mean all the anxiety about money was misplaced?  Maybe not – if the non bigmoney candidate was not as charismatic as the Prez, would the small money donations have flown in to allow MAD carpetbombing ads?  DailyKos says big money was influential in the smaller races, and it might be true – CA voted against the genetically modified food labeling.  Over the past two weeks, maybe since debate #2, there’s something about Obama’s face – it seems to have become thinner and the eyes look larger in proportion, with a degree of focus/sharpness I have not seen before.  I was watching this documentary today about Alan Turing and his biographer shows us a school photograph with Turing in it and muses “Look at how intently he’s looking into the camera, so focused almost as if he’s trying to see into the camera itself”.  I did my eyeroll, but I do remember thinking – we vest so much of what we want to see in a photograph of someone we like/dislike.  I always look at Obama and fancy I can feel his stillness, the awareness looking out instead of the ego, but really, what the heck do I know other than that this man inspires me to trust him?  I do know that I feel that America lucked out by having this man available at this period of time.  The most tweeted picture of Michelle O hugging him when they heard the news was so moving, in part because it’s something we all wanted to do at that moment.  I love the way both of them close their eyes when they embrace.    The man looked so drawn over the past stretch, I was actually worried for his health.  I’m curious about his older daughter – There is a slight unease that child shows when we see her on TV, I read it as knowledge that this adulation is momentary (but in my “spiritual” method – I see spirituality everywhere).  She’ll be out or just out of high school when the 2nd term ends.  Will it be the Farm?

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