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DD #509

Hmm, two days consecutively – what’s going on with you, Y?!  I think I know – dinner is waiting to be cooked, the golu is still waiting to be put away, clothes sitting around waiting to be folded, I can add the floor which can use a swipe.  But hey – I can avoid all that by sitting at this task.  On the plus side, sink has 2 dishes, dishes have been put away, beds made.  I’ll take my wins whereever they are.

Someone on DailyKos asked the question that’s been running through my mind.  How is this man so close to the presidency?  Why are the polls so close?  Who are these people who will vote for this shapeshifter?  Where is the dissonance in what they see vs what they believe – and vice versa am I hiding from what I see in deference to what I believe?  But I honestly do keep an open mind.  I’m ok with Mourdock believing life is a gift from God – just not ok with him requiring me to believe it.  And really, where is the dissonance that clangs like a bell – if life from rape is a gift from God, is the rape itself a gift?  All of us have questions – most common, destiny vs free will – but we work it out in our heads and don’t air out our confusion in public debates.  But I have the ability to say this is what I believe – you should make up your own mind.  He is saying this is how far I’ve worked it out and so I will make it the law of the land to match what I’ve come up with.  When I hear this, I feel this sense of tiredness, how could we have come to this?  The Todd Akin fiasco – how is it possible that this guy is the House Science Committee?  Here’s a question – when America was aiming for the moon, who was on this committee?

I’m exhausted.  Nov 6 can’t come soon enough.


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DD #508

Does FlyLady say shine your sink once a day or shine your sink as the last thing you do before you get to bed at night?  I cleaned the sink this am and can’t stand having to do it again now 😦  There are only a few dishes, but the skin on my hands is curling up!

I’m officially a storm junkie.  I’ve spent all day trying to find live video feed from New York.  Hurricane Sandy – I keep wondering if all the stories can be really true, but the storm pics from space are surreal.  I remember similar pictures on tv from cyclones in India, I don’t recall them ever being this large, though is that a factor of my memory, the small tv or were they actually that small?  I do remember at least 4 days of serious rain and flooding of all the open space.  Did water come into people’s homes?  I actually recall a lot of it from that horrible house in Pammal where we waded through all that gross water to get to the bus to take us to school.  Actually that’s the main memory.  And a small snatch from the aftermath of a cyclone when we were very small from the apt in Mylapore.  A severed torso on the road and my mom collecting old clothes for donation to the relief effort. But Hurricane Sandy – she’s roaring away on the Atlantic coast right now.  I hope DB is staying safe.  DBW is in India, so she’s out of the thick of it.  Will this excitement die down before the 2nd – DB is to fly to SJ on the 2nd.  Will things be back to normal by Nov 6?

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DD #507

As with all thoughts, this too was ephemeral – What was it I wanted to remark about DS causing my faith to waver?  No idea anymore.  And it was the top of my brain drain.

I asked Babaji – Is a student supposed to accept the word of the Guru as supreme or investigate the reality for himself?  B: If the Guru is not saying the right thing, the student should ask. Me: Am I supposed to question you? B: If the student knows the truth, then he should question. Me: I don’t know the truth. B: Opens his hands to say Well, then! Me: Ah, then I accept the Guru’s words . B: Nods.  There’s an amazing simplicity to this argument.  And the way he led me to the answer instead of saying accept right away – charmed.

Adya on Radio Adya and in person this past month.  He made a suggestion that sent my poor head into overdrive.  “What do you know?  Why are people so scared to discard everything else and start with what they know?”  Easy for him to say – those of us who have invested a lot of time and effort in seeking pointers to the truth and romanced by You are not the body theories can’t go back to only what they know.  I know that I breathe, I know that I am hungry, hummingbirds, aqua blue make me happy.  I know that I want to transcend the highs and lows of daily life.  How is this flotsam enough to build my quest for Truth on?  And I keep going back to what exactly is knowing.  I wanted to ask him what he meant by go back to what you know – am I being too literal? what did he mean by knowing? – but he didn’t pick me.  And I spent the rest of the evening thinking if it had been BFU, she would have been picked.  A choice bit of flagellation to go with confusion…

Prez. Debate #3 today – how can anyone think of voting for Romney?  I have got to pull out of this political coverage, like I stopped reading about ObamaCare Supreme Court decision.  It’s just too much chatter from people who are paid to fill the airwaves.

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