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Long time no see!  It used to be a compulsion to write, I seem to have unfortunately exorcised it.  I’m back today because I want to track some dreams I’ve had the past three days.  Very surprising – 3 days, 3 dreams – I’ve been in the dreamless state for the longest time. Dream #14 – I’m in Thiruvannamalai.  I don’t know how I know.  I think I got off the train and am now in the asramam.  There’s an old style ticket booth – thatched roof, ledge etc.  I walk up there and the person in front of me turns.  It’s my mother.  I woke up.  Dream #15 – This is in my pujai room.  I see a Hanuman idol in the puja room.  I’m looking at it very quizzically, side to side and the face of Hanuman mimics my look, moving similarly side to side.  I think to myself that the face looks like Perimma’s face around the mouth area and the eyes look kind of anxious.  And then I realize – I don’t have an idol this size in my altar.  Where did it come from?  This woke me up.  And after that I realized, it looked very much like the idol next to Babaji in MMC!  Dream #16 – I’m cleaning Swathi’s room, I’ve just pushed her off the bed and she’s doing her morning brush etc.  I’m straightening the bed when I hear a rustling sound.  Turn around and there’s a white rat outside her room.  The rat also looks anxious and looked at me.  I shouted for Vittal and the kids. They came, but didn’t bat an eyelash.


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