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So I was watching Enchanted.  It has Patrick Dempsey in it, the guy in Grey’s Anatomy.  From the very first time I saw him, the impression was cute but lightweight.  Weak in spirit.  It’s that damned jaw.  There’s no jaw at all there.  He has really kind eyes that are good at showing hurt, but you can’t really see fury there.  There was a movie where he played a junkie, a very minimal role and I noticed him only because I knew him from GA.  He was a complete shoo-in for that character, looking sorry for himself and weak/whiny.  I’ve given up watching GA, but when I was there, I don’t remember him taking off his shirt very often.

Then there’s Covert Affairs, a new show on USA.  One of the characters is a blind hottie.  Yes, his face is cute, he looks lithe, but dear God, in almost every other frame, the guy is shirtless.  He supposedly went to Iraq, lost his eyesight in an ied and doesn’t have a single visible scar to show for it.  Really – wtf?  Again, thin, brainy looking, but completely doa on the brawn dept.  He does have ripped abs, but if you have to rub it in that much by keeping him shirtless, then the guy might be miscast, no?  And seriously – blind guy lands hot girls who don’t care that he is BLIND?  Wishful thinking, n’est ce pas?

So I was thinking who is actually a hottie – McSteamy was also too cute and then he became too fat.  The Burn Notice guy is ok.  He could share some jaw with PD!  But again, I’d give him 6/10 on the hottie scale.  There’s some element of wimp there.  Another contender is Don Draper from Mad Men.  Now that’s a proportioned face and thank you writers, he is more often clothed than not.  You can see his face has different states and can convey each of them.  Vin Diesel, now there’s a contender!  Daniel Craig, again before he put on weight.  I just loved him in the James Bond movie.  Correction, not hottie, hotness.  Him and Brad Pitt.  Is Clooney in this list?  He’s gorgeous, but I don’t think of him as hot.  I’m going to keep updating this list.  Can you believe I can’t come up with more?


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Why is it so bloody hard to do what you know is the right thing to do?  Eat properly, go to bed and rest well, not watch tv, understand your finances, get exercise.  The first two regularly trip me up, I even have the eye blister to remind me that I can’t mess up, but there’s a vacantness, a disassociation from the lessons learned the hard way and the voice inside can’t propel the body into action.  And it slowly becomes quieter.  The more quieter it becomes, the more bluer I get.  Since she’s quiet, regular habits get dropped and that adds to the blame and self-chastising.  Vicious circle and all because of sloth.  Hello Kathleen Norris – that book was a Godsend!

DH found the blog address in history and he read it all in one sitting.  He probably will never come here again, but it’s certainly crimping my writiing style.  I’m choosing my words not for what I want to say, but for how it will look to him if he comes on again.  If this persists, it’s going to be sayonara for ysworld.

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