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Shoutout to http://www.digitalpeer.com/id/parsing for this easy way of parsing commandline args in bash:

for i in $*
	case $i in
		PREFIX=`echo $i | sed 's/[-a-zA-Z0-9]*=//'`
		SEARCHPATH=`echo $i | sed 's/[-a-zA-Z0-9]*=//'`
		DIR=`echo $i | sed 's/[-a-zA-Z0-9]*=//'`
                # unknown option

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Be a Linchpin!

From the vibrant lifer Seth Godin:

The world wants you to be a faceless, replaceable cog in the vast machinery of production–but if you choose, and you work at it, you can become the sort of person we really need, an indispensable linchpin, a person who matters. The marketplace needs and embraces artists, creatives, initiators, challengers and movers. You have that skill, the challenge is unearthing it.


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Greet the day

From the Dalai Lama, by way of vibrant lifer Leo Babauta at zenhabits.net :

Everyday, think as you wake up, ‘today I am fortunate to have woken up, I am alive, I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it. I am going to use all my energies to develop myself, to expand my heart out to others, to achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all beings, I am going to have kind thoughts towards others, I am not going to get angry or think badly about others, I am going to benefit others as much as I can.’

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Week in review

So many things to wrie about!!  Not so much time.  I want to get to these topics – my guardian angel, thoughts on Guru search/Ramana’s chapter on the same, patterns of behaviour when relating to Dsis.  But first off, week in review for 6 changes – am happy to report still going strong!!  Did not get to run on Wed, meditate or run on Sunday.  Sunday was especially hairy, with the morning conference upsetting my routine and my balance.  I wanted to sleep during the day, but my body kept shuddering awake.  Too much tea, perhaps.  I had an interesting vision while trying to fall asleep and jarring awake – I was speeding into a dark curve – the curve is very clear – which was rising upwards and there’s a small narrow window of light at the very far end of the road and I felt like I slipped off the road into the I, as Ramana calls it.  I didn’t get much done over the weekend, the compost is still on the counter 😦 and I was debating giving up on the sink but had successfully talked myself into it, martyr and all.  I was giving the Blackberry a quick check (anything to postpone the drudgery) and saw the Flylady testimonial from  a kindred spirit – FlyBaby Jo in Indiana who was in the same pity boat as me had a great insight – “Everyone’s life will experience some meltdown, but it’s what you do the moment after that determines the outcome.”  Hugs to you FlyBaby Jo!  And hugs to my Guru who’s giving me this wisdom just when I need it!!

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Running low

It’s only the 5th/Tuesday and I’m running low already on energy.  My evening yesterday was so disappointing – DS whiled away his entire day.  DD watched TV for ever even though she has a project due on the 7th.   I couldn’t fall asleep yesterday – I kept falling awake during JZ’s CD.  And DD came and hugged me during the night,  yanking me through sleep.  Woke up 30 minutes late, have a headache, DD took 45!! minutes to shower, DS insisted 7:30 was too early to wake up.  Set them right, lost any remaining equanimity.  But got my meditation, running and bed making in.  Now it’s noon and I’m so sleepy!!

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My Daily Routines

I think I’ve got it down after floundering about for many months.

  • Wake up at 5
  • Get dressed
  • Meditate
  • Wake up Swathi
  • Make her bed
  • Fix lunches
  • Help Swathi Practice Paatu.  Wake up Chandru
  • Send her off to school
  • Fix breakfast for Chandru
  • Go for 20 minute walk/run
  • Make Chandru’s bed
  • Make my bed
  • Go to work

That’s it for AM!!

Evening is not started yet 😦


  • Swish and Swipe – how to?!
  • Run through the house with wonder mop
  • Mission

PM is work in progress:

  • Shine Sink
  • Lay out my clothes
  • Play Jon Z CD and get into bed

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I resolved to do one thing – get up at 5 am every day.  That was to be my one resolution and everything else was secondary.  As I type this, I can’t remember – was it get up at 5 or was it clean the sink every night?  I know meditation is in there too.   I was going to say Leo talked me into making 6 changes, but maybe it was brewing in me all along and his note is the prompt to acknowledge it to myself.

  1. Wake up at 5 am.
  2. Meditate for 20 minutes working up to Jon Kabat Zinn’s 45 minute body scan
  3. FLYing – Incorporate daily mission into my day.
  4. Environmental:
    • Organic waste to yard
    • Kitchen Gray water to plants
    • Reduce plastic bag use
  5. Clean Kitchen Sink at night
  6. 20 minutes of loving movement

This is SO cool!!  I was worried that I had too many things to do, it sure seemed that way in my HEAD!!  On writing it down, I didn’t have anything for Goal 6, so I put down 20 minutes of loving movement, kathak/walking/running.  Priority wise, it’s 1,2/5, 4, 3/6.  Go ME!!

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